DynAeroTech Going International

By Project, UAS - Drones

HAITI – DynAeroTech has achieved another milestone in our continued efforts to become a renown national and NOW INTERNATIONAL Imagery Engineering Services firm.  During this last week our talented team was engaged in imagery capture to assist for Water Mission, a large multi-national NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), in Haiti, with two major projects.

1) To capture multi-media imagery (aerial photography & video) to develop a high-end documentary video to raise awareness for the NGO to showcase all the great work being done in-country and to show the resilient plight of the Haitian people in their pursuit for national water assistance.

2) To capture aerial (drone) imagery for the purpose of mapping and surveying the region to identify sites for operations.

This undertaking by the on-site NGO team would normally take weeks to months to do, but DynAeroTech was able to compress this work into days by providing comprehensive area site maps & surveys and post-flight geographical information system (GIS) models and analysis not available to the on-site team.

We are so excited to have been a part of this effort and are now compiling all the data that will assist and make future NGO operations more streamlined, efficient, cost effective and safe.  This was our first INTERNATIONAL operation and we will continue to grow nationally and internationally with our clients.  Now, we are capable to do more in-country multi-media imagery, survey and mapping and national disaster support to countries like Haiti.

We’re incredible proud of our team that works every day to find affordable and comprehensive solutions for our customers. Now all over the world.